Monday, December 9, 2019

A Recipe For The Heart – 美味天王 | 29 Episodes

Kam Yat-san (Bobby Au-yeung) is in a heated cooking competition with master chef Chun Man-sek (Paul Chun). Right before the competition is judged Yat-san accidentally sneezes peppers on to Man-sek dish. When the judges comments that Man-sek dish tastes weird because it has an overpowering pepper taste and announces Yat-san the winner, Yat-san realizes the contest was not judged fairly because of his sneezed the pepper to Man-sek's dish. Man-sek goes insane after losing the competition, disappears and is never heard of again. Three years later Yat-san arrives under the alias Tin Mei-gut at Man-sek's restaurant "Delicious Garden" to atone for his guilt of what happened. Man-sek's restaurant is currently run by his daughter Chun So-so (Esther Kwan), who is also the current head chef. it is failing restaurant because So-so is a terrible cook. Yat-san now as Mei-gut offers to buy 51% stake of the restaurant and teach So-so how to cook. So-so and her mother Tong Yuen-yuen (Lydia Shum) thinks Mei-gut has ulterior motives but takes his offer anyway since it such a good deal for them.