Thursday, March 4, 2021

Come Home Love – 愛回家之八時入席 | 200 Episodes

TVI's (Television International) Senior Manager of accounting Lam Siu-siu (Teresa Mo) meets TVI's Director of production Koo Hiu-san (Wayne Lai) when he calls her into a meeting, asking why none of his requested work equipment has been approved for budget. Siu-siu calmly explains that due to errors his assistant Tong Chong-shu (Mark Ma) had in filing the paperwork, they missed the deadline before the fiscal quarter ends, and the account department will not approve any new budget request. Hiu-san, who has a reputation as a mean boss, demands to have the issue resolved right away, but Siu-siu tells him to schedule another meeting with her as it is late and nearly time to end work. Unimpressed with rationale, Hiu-san mocks Siu-siu for leaving work with the issue unresolved. Hiu-san's comments backfire when Siu-siu mocks him back by hinting that his department is unorganized and then telling him the available executive secretary position in his department has been unfilled for so long because no one wants to work for him.