Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Daddy Dearest – 爸B有話兒 | 20 Episodes (20 Sub)

Ku Tse-keung (Johnson Lee) is an absentee father who boasts to his son, Ku Tui-nam (Marcus Lo), of his busy life because of his important business meetings and huge deal makings. However, Tse-keung is really just an ordinary real-estate agent who cares more about work than spending time with his son. His work life is so important to him that he would rather cancel his parental visits with Tui-nam and use his personal time to socialize with his boss. Tse-keung's inability to keep promises to his son has left him in a strained relationship with his ex-wife and her fiance, having to take on daddy duties for Tui-nam. When his ex-wife leaves Hong Kong to get married and go on a honeymoon, Tui-nam is left in Tse-keung's care for an extended period. Jealous that his son is growing closer to his new step-father, Tse-keung takes this task seriously to be a dutiful responsible dad. However, not being used to taking care of his son has left Tse-keung often overlooking his son's needs and feelings.