Saturday, January 16, 2021

File of Justice – 壹號皇庭 | 13 Episodes

A law office can be a balance between serious legal cases and the light-hearted schemes of the staff to keep their moods up. Ben Yu (Bobby Au Yeung) is a successful lawyer who takes his work seriously but is more humorous with his colleagues, especially his best friend, Raymond Chou (William So), and Michelle Tien (Amy Chan), whom he tries to woo but is constantly rejected. Paralegal Michael Kong (Michael Tao), who is the owner’s son, loves to give Ben and the rest of the staff a hard time with his mischievous personality. His sister, Helen Kong (Lau Mei Kuen), is a serious young lawyer who works diligently for her clients and exhibits wisdom beyond her years. Can the law office balance workplace fun with the serious court cases that demand their attention? “File of Justice” is a 2004 Hong Kong drama series.