Monday, August 3, 2020

Healing Hands – 妙手仁心 | 32 Episodes

The work of a doctor never ends. The doctors at Yan Hoi Hospital in Hong Kong face the toughest medical cases as they work tirelessly to save the lives of their patients. Paul Ching (Lawrence Ng), a top neurosurgeon holds the lives of his patients in his hands and takes his work very seriously. His best friend is Henry Lai (Bowie Lam), an emergency physician in the hospital. With their fellow physicians, Jackie Tong (Ada Choi), Annie Kong (Flora Chan) and Gilbert Kong (William So), can the doctors do what’s best for their patients despite pressures from the administration? “Healing Hands” is a 1998 Hong Kong drama series. It spawned two sequels, “Healing Hands II” (2000) and “Healing Hands III” (2005).