Thursday, July 9, 2020

Healing Hands II – 妙手仁心 II | 40 Episodes

A continuance of Healing Hands I, focus more on relationships rather than just medical technical. On the last episode of HHI, Jackie was still in coma and Paul put all his concentration on her. Two years has passed and we are at Healing Hand II (HH2). Paul is now the top neurosurgeon in the country who hadn’t taken any leaves in the past two years. Jackie is still in coma and Paul moves out of his house – which he once shared with Henry and Gilbert – into hospital’s quarters. His reason is because the quarters are inside hospital campus and makes it easier for him to take care of Jackie. Hospital staffs that know and/or hear about the pair admire his devotions toward the sick girlfriend. Jackie did finally wake up but -unfortunately – died soon after in fire accident.