Thursday, March 4, 2021

Invisible Journey – 彩色世界 | 21 Episodes

Although JOEY (JESSICA HESTER HSUAN) is blind, her world is bright because she sees the world with her heart and lives her life with love. CALVIN (LAM, BOWIE) takes a temporary teaching position in a school on Ping Chau in order to take a break from his high pressure job. He meets JOEY who teaches music there, and is inspired by her positive attitude towards life. He encourages her to go out and experience the outside world. When she is in town, he takes good care of her and introduces her to a good optical surgeon hoping that she will be able to see again. After her operation, she thinks that CALVIN will be the first person she sees. However, it turns out to be his girlfriend CINDY (TANG LAI MING, JOYCE). She tells JOEY that CALVIN is working abroad and he has asked JOEY to take care of herself. In fact, he has been injured in a traffic accident, and CINDY tells him that JOEY has found someone else. Luckily, fate pulls them back together. They start a new life by opening a cafe. While they are enjoying their time together, JOEY’s eyesight starts to deteriorate again.