Thursday, April 15, 2021

Love is Beautiful – 無頭東宮 | 30 Episodes

Ling Wan and Chor Chor, two friends who grow up together mocked for their physical ugliness in, ironically, a village called "Mei Yun (Beautiful People) Chuen". Ling Wan (Anne Heung at the beginning), despite her outer appearance, is a caring, filial, and honest person. Chor Chor (played excellently by Marianne Chan at the beginning) is a despicable, selfish person who deceives and steals. She gets a glimpse at how differently everyone will treat her when Sieu Tao, the face changer, temporarily puts a beautiful face mask (cameo appearance of Charmaine Sheh) on her. She becomes very envious when she realizes that Ling Wan is not really ugly, but has been drawing in her ugly marks on her face all along.