Friday, July 10, 2020

Married But Available – 我瞞結婚了 | 20 Episodes

Tony Au Yeung Tze-chung marries his girlfriend Chu Ming-ming abroad. Once back in Hong Kong, Chu Ming-ming goes back to work at Kam Bo Dor (金寶多), a traditional enterprise at the top of the gold and jewellery industry. Chu Ming-ming is promoted by her boss, Carol, to be her personal assistant on the condition that Chu is single, thus, can be called upon at any time. In order to get the high salary job, Chu Ming-ming decides to hide her marriage from her boss. Coincidentally around the same time, Tony is also hired as a personal assistant by his best friend, Lucas Cheung, whom he met while doing his masters degree in America. Tony also decides to hide his marriage from Lucas.