Monday, August 3, 2020

May Fortune Smile On You – 財神駕到 | 30 Episodes (30 Sub)

Due to a simple mistake by the God of Wealth, the lives of two men Mui Choi Kin (Wayne Lai) and Wong Pak Man (Pal Sinn) have switched places. Wong Pak Man is now one of the wealthiest men in town, while Mui Choi Kin's life has turned upside down and he is running a street noodle stall by himself after his wife and daughter left him.   On one particular day, Mui Choi Kin meets Wong Pak Man's son Wong Chiu Choi (Matthew Ho) and the two become fast friends right away. However, with Wong Chiu Choi's father opposes the two hanging out together, he can only help Mui Choi Kin in secret along together with his bodyguard Kam Chum (Jack Wu). At the same time, he also arranges Mui Choi Kin's goddaughter Lin Chi Yung (Kelly Fu) to work at his father's firm.