Monday, July 13, 2020

The Comeback Clan – 翻叮一族 | 20 Episodes

Severely hit by the financial turmoil in Hong Kong, TAI KU-TUNG’s (Ha Yu) restaurant is running short of capital whileYIP MO-SING (Hui Shiu Hung) is interested in acquiring the restaurant’slocation. He decides to invest in it, ignorant of the restaurant’s financial situation. With the restaurant’s problem temporarily solved, TUNG concentrates on working out new dishes and ideas for the restaurant. He discovers TSUI HEI-HEI (Sheung Tin Ngor), a novice cook with a signature egg fried rice recipe. She even wins the appreciation of the Michelin food critic experts. As a result, TUNG treats her extremely well.One day, a bank representative, LEI YUNG-CHI (Ng Wing Mei) pops into the restaurant and claims that HEI has a debt with the bank. She picks a fight with CHI in a heated argument. In the fight, HEIis injured and loses her memory. For fear of losing the restaurant’s reputation, TUNG decides to put on a show and pretends to be HEI’s elderbrother while SING acts as her husband. Cello teacher YIP TSIK-LEUNG (Sammul Chan) plays HEI’s son and his girlfriend, TAI YING-LEI (Natalie Tong) is assigned the role of HEI’s cousin. In the meantime, YUNG is fired from the bank but now claims that she is a shareholder and plans to reform the entire restaurant. Now all three owners want to make decisions but all three have different ideas. A triangular power struggle is developed in the process.