Saturday, February 22, 2020

To Be Or Not To Be – 來生不做香港人 | 25 Episodes

Through the reunion of 2 biological sisters who bring with them years of resentment and grievances, this series attempts to show the subtle changes in the relationship between Hong Kong and Mainland China over the past 30 years.

Blood is thicker than water — no matter how unwilling, this is a fact that cannot be changed.  Amidst the rise of a powerful nation (China), what role should Hong Kongers play?  In your next life, would you still want to be a Hong Konger?   Seeing all the problems in society currently, how much of it can be resolved with money?  With the ultimate goal of Hong Kong and Mainland co-existing in harmony, how much of their core intrinsic values will Hong Kongers be able to uphold?